Investigations and Important Documentation

Bombing of Hare Krishna Temple in Denver, CO (August 1, 1984)

Bomb Plot Against Indian/Hindu Targets in Toronto, Canada (1991)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) Investigations

Colorado State Government

Colorado Terrorist Training Camp Raid (1992)

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Investigations

FBI Investigations

Maryland State Government

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

News Reports and Publications

Paramilitary / Guerilla Training Footage and Materials

Triple Murder in Tacoma, Washington (1984)

Charter School Scam & Murder of Police Officer by MOA Members at the “Baladullah” Compound in California (2001-2002)

Gun Running by 2 MOA Members in Virginia: Vincente Rafael Pierre, Traci Upshur (2001)

State of Colorado v 7 Fuqra/MOA Members (1993): Vincente Rafael Pierre, James Lincoln Upshur Jr., James Donald Williams, Edward Ivan McGhee, Chris Childs, Curtis Baylor, Edward Nicholas Laurent Flinton

Islamberg-Linked 786 Security Company Investigated for Tax Evasion (2002-Unknown)

Counterfeiting Ring Linked to MOA Members in Virginia (2007)

MOA’s Failed Lawsuit Against Martin Mawyer for $30 Million (2014)

Miscellaneous Fuqra Documents

MOA Materials

Seized Correspondence

Letter to James Upshur About MOA Bid on Land in Pennsylvania (1992)

Letters from Rashidudeen (1990-1992)

Letter from “Walt” to “Jim” (1990-1992)

Letter to Sheikh Gilani from female member (1989)

Letter from Sheikh Gilani to doctor of MOA patient (1989)

Letter from Sheikh Gilani’s Wife to MOA/Fuqra Women (1989)

Letter from Sheikh Gilani to Muslim Girls Camp in North Carolina (1987)

Cultish Letter Outlining Rules for all Fuqra Members to Enhance Security (1985)

Cultish Letter from Sheikh Gilani’s Wife in Pakistan to Fuqra Women: Warns of Moderate Muslims and says, “The Jew is an Enemy.”

MOA in California Asks Sultan of Brunei for $1 Million

Fuqra Song Lyrics: “Dikr to Sub-Machine Gun” About Dying in Violent Jihad

Jamaat Correspondence: Complaint About Whippings of Children