Danger of Anti-Muslim Responses

*Clarion Project and Fuqra Files do not support or condone any private citizen violence, threats, or action against any suspected extremist tied group, person, or organization.  We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, ANY attempt to commit violence or “civilian justice” against any suspected extremism in the United States or abroad.

This website and all our work on this project were merely done to provide a “one-stop” location for access to public records on known or suspected terrorist activities within the U.S. as well as terrorist-tied illegal activities. We work to educate the public on threats of extremism from illegal avenues as well as legal and political infiltration. Such education should not serve as justification for illegal, prejudicial, or criminal activity carried out against other civilians and groups in the United States or abroad. There have been many examples of criminal activity that was carried out by private citizens following media reports about domestic terrorism. One such example is the arson attack on the Fort Pierce Mosque that was attended by Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter.  These crimes are condemned by Clarion Project in the strongest way and do nothing to further the cause of Challenging Extremism OR Promoting Dialogue as Clarion works to achieve.

The Clarion Project, the organization that oversees Fuqra Files, is a proud supporter of Muslims who stand against Islamist extremism and condemns anti-Muslim sentiment, including any harassment, bigotry or threats directed towards members of Jamaat ul-Fuqra/Muslims of America.

We provide information to the authorities related to violent threats and illegal activity of any kind we come across. The threat from anti-Muslim extremists is not to be dismissed, as evidenced by violent plots targeting Muslims, including JUF/MOA, which we outline below.

A May 2015 FBI report warns that militia extremists targeting the U.S. government and law enforcement and perceived opponents of gun rights have become increasingly hostile to Muslims over the past two years. MOA sites were among the targets of violent rhetoric and plotting. It notes that militia members and Internet postings had begun replacing references to MOA with references to the Islamic State terrorist group, more commonly known by the acronym of ISIS or ISIL, conflating the two groups and raising the likelihood of vigilantism.

The purpose of this section is to document confirmed plots against the organization in order to better understand and prevent threats from both sides of the spectrum.  We always encourage anyone to look into our partnership with the Muslim Reform Movement and the Progressive Muslim spokespeople that work with us to challenge Islamist Extremism domestically and abroad.

Robert Doggart and “OAF” Militia Plot to Attack Islamberg, NY (2015)

Robert Doggart-Criminal Who Tried to Attack Fuqra Base
Robert Doggart-Criminal Who Tried to Attack Fuqra Base

Eleven anti-Muslim and anti-government extremists were involved in plans to attack Islamberg in Hancock, N.Y. in 2015, spearheaded by an ordained minister and failed congressional candidate named Robert Doggart in Tennessee. According to the plea agreement, Doggart schemed with members of a militia known as “OAF.”

Doggart believed that the federal government was planning on instituting martial law and contemplated postponing the attack on Islamberg until after it happens. He was recorded referring to expected events in Texas and Utah that would divert the federal government’s attention. They also considered seizing a military installation in order to make a “flash point” to show they are “sick and tired of the crap the government is pulling.”

Doggart said he planned to “inflict horrible numbers of casualties upon the enemies of our Nation and World Peace.” He planned to use Molotov cocktails to attack a mosque, cafeteria and school inside Islamberg and to shoot residents. He was willing to die in the attack, but would prefer to escape before local police could respond.

He communicated with militia colleagues in South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee and showed an informant his M-4 gun. One offered to recruit an explosives ordinance disposal expert. Doggart aspired to have up to 20 “gunners” that would “be cruel” during the attack. He planned to bring a M-4 with 500 light armor-piercing rounds, a pistol with three extra magazines and a machete.

One of Doggart’s conspirators, William Tore Tint of South Carolina, pled guilty to lying to the FBI about Doggart’s plans. He is identified in a MOA lawsuit as a veteran of the South Carolina National Guard and founder of “Operation America Freedom,” likely the “OAF” militia referred to in the plea agreement.

Doggart alleged plots by Islamberg residents without evidence, further showing that Doggart and his coconspirators acted upon a fantastical and paranoid worldview. He claimed in a phone call that was wiretapped by the FBI that there were 140 people inside Islamberg and 40 are fighters who planned to enter New York City and attack at four locations. He also alleged that Islamberg residents were planning to poison the Delaware River. He believed the FBI and DHS knew of Islamberg’s imminent attack and was ordered not to impede it.

Responsible reporting on MOA never claimed to have discovered an active terrorist plot or that Islamberg planned such operations.

MOA says that their civil suit resulted in the identifying of Barbara Jones of Jonesboro, Arkansas and Shane Schielein of Bellevue, Illinois, as two of the other unnamed co-conspirators that federal prosecutors referred to.

Jon Ritzheimer (2015)

The FBI issued an alert in December 2015 after anti-Muslim extremist Jon Ritzheimer of Phoenix, Arizona, published “a video which could have been perceived as threatening against the Muslim community in Hancock, New York,” in the words of the Bureau.

Ritzheimer states in the video that he is driving across the country with a friend to confront the Islamic Post, the MOA newspaper, for calling him a terrorist, shouting “f— you Muslims, f— all of you.” He then shows a handgun and says “we’re ready for ‘em…bring it on, you Muslim f—s!”

Ritzheimer previously threatened to arrest Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) for “treason” for voting in favor of the Obama Administration’s deal with Iran over its nuclear program and sanctions. He was arrested in January 2016 in relation to a standoff between law enforcement and militiamen in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge of Oregon.

WMMOAresponse as victims from Islamberg